(An initiative by Prof. S.K. Singh)


From this year APPI launches two one day workshops to attract Ist Professional Medical students to pursue research in Physiology. This “APPI Young Investigator Development Programme” is an initiative  by Prof. Sushil Kumar Singh, from Karamsad, Gujarat. This year’s workshop is aimed at popularizing research in life style disorders like obesity and sleep disorder. Some colleges have late new admissions.  In such situation we encourage applications from newly passed First professional students.

The workshop on ‘Sleep Research’ will be held on 21/9/2018 at International Centre Goa during IndiaSleep2018.

The workshop on Obesity research will be held on November 28, 2018 at Manipal during APPICON 2018.

25 students (10 from all over India and 15 from local medical colleges) will be enrolled in each workshop. Ten students selected from outside local medical colleges will be paid train  fare and stay for two nights at Goa/ Manipal.

Applications are invited for the workshops. Scanned copy of the fully filled application form should be mailed to by 31/8/2018 for both workshops.

The local applicants from Manipal, please submit your applications to Prof Kirtana at


APPLICATION FORM (Download the form here Application Form)

Name of the Applicant
Date of Birth
Name of the Medical College
Date of Admission to MBBS
What interests you most in Physiology?
Research experience if any
Are you an ICMR Summer Fellow?
Mobile No.
Recommendation of the  Head of the

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