Bunmi S. Malau-Aduli

Developing Quality Multiple Choice Questions

Bunmi S. Malau-Aduli, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Bunmi S. Malau-Aduli is the Academic Lead for Assessment and Evaluation at the College of Medicine and Dentistry, James Cook University, Townsville, Australia. She has a background in scientific research, with a PhD in Reproductive Physiology.

Her educational training and qualifications span across biological sciences, agricultural science, business administration, management and medical education. A/Prof Malau-Aduli leads the JCU strategic development of assessment and program/impact evaluation across the three Schools in the College (Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy) with a focus on the development of innovative approaches to curriculum delivery and the enhancement of assessment processes, comprising the improvement of the quality of assessment, development of resources, staff development, and an expanded and coordinated approach to program evaluation.

She has a Graduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching and has been leading investigative research in assessment, evaluation and medical education. She won the 2012 University of Tasmania Teaching Merit award and the 2014 University of Tasmania Vice-Chancellor’s Team Award for Programs that Enhance Learning.

She was nominated for the 2012 International Ron Harden Medical Education Award. She was also awarded the Research Essential Skills in Medical Education (RESME) Certificate in Medical Education by The Association for Medical Education in Europe.

Developing Quality Multiple Choice Questions