Marie-Catherine Vozenin

Ultra-high dose rate radiation delivery (FLASH)

Dr. Marie-Catherine Vozenin, Ph.D., HDR;

Head, Radiobiology Laboratory, CHUV (Universite de Lausanne), Lausanne, Switzerland.

Dr. Vozenin heads the Radiobiology laboratory of Universite de Lausanne (CHUV), Oncology Department, Switzerland. Since past few years, Dr. Vozenin has led on the innovative research in the field of radiation therapy for the treatment of cancers.

Dr. Vozenin’s group have pioneered in developing novel ultra-high dose rate radiation delivery modality (FLASH). Using FLASH irradiation, her recent path-breaking work has shown selective tumor kill efficacy with protective effects on the normal tissue including perivascular and CNS.

As a result, Dr. Vozenin’s research has laid the foundation for developing new FLASH-based cancer treatment modality that allows complete eradication of tumors as well as reduced occurrence and severity of early and late complications affecting the normal tissue.

Dr. Vozenin’s laboratory is funded by the French National Research Agency (FNS/ANR) and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) grants.

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