Rohit Verma

Dr. Rohit Verma, MD, AIIMS New Delhi.

I am working at AIIMS as Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in the field of application of Brain stimulation therapies (viz. rTMS, tDCS) in management of mental illnesses and cognitive abnormalities associated with other medical disorders. With a broad background in psychiatry, I work specifically towards biological aspect of psychiatry conducting research and training in the field. My work majorly involves use of brain stimulation techniques and brain mapping tools to understand and manage neuropsychiatric illnesses. I am also in process of developing mobile technologies as an outreach tool for aiding patients and caregiver’s health related issues as well as routine concerns.

My interest in research was equivalent to that of in clinics, and I was awarded ICMR MD/MS Thesis Grant in 2005, Melvin Yahr International Parkinson’s Disease Foundation and Association of Parkinsonism and Related Disorders grant in 2011, Dr. B. B. Sethi award in 2012, Fellowship Award of Y-Mind Sao Paulo Advanced Science School – Brazil in 2013, Dr. G. C. Boral II award in 2014 and Junior Scientist Award – International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society in 2016. I am member and Fellow of various National and International scientific bodies. As PI or Co-Investigator on several institutional grants, I laid groundwork for development and progress of brain mapping unit and mobile app development with strong collaboration with inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional bodies. In addition, I have successfully taken charge of project administration (e.g. staffing, research protections, budget), collaboration with other researchers, and have produced several peer-reviewed publications. I have more than 60 article publications to my name and few book chapters/booklets.

With experience, I have realized the importance of communication among researchers and follow-through a cohesive and realistic research idea in accordance with the existing limitations.

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