Suneeta Kalasuramath

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Dr. Suneeta Kalasuramath, MSc, PhD (Physiology)

Dr. Suneeta Kalasuramath is a Professor in the  Department of Physiology at S. S. Institute of  Medical Sciences & research centre, Davangere.

She will be speaking on Scenario and strategies to fight Iron deficiency anemia

The abstract of her talk is as follows –

Iron deficiency (ID) and Iron deficiency anemia (IDA) are serious public health problems. IDA arises when physiological requirements cannot be met by Iron absorption from diet. In India, 59% of the children (6 – 59 months), 53% of young women have anemia and 40-60% of women of child bearing age suffer from anemia, primarily due to ID. Such women are at threat to a negative Fe balance leading to poor iron status. The reasons being: high parity, menstruation, gastrointestinal blood loss because of intestinal parasitic infections, use of an intrauterine device, vegetarian dietary iron intake. Plant based diets commonly consumed in India contain loads of absorption inhibitors, like phytates (cereal based diets) and polyphenols (coffee and tea) by forming insoluble complexes.

Studies depict dietary iron intakes are less than 30% of the daily requirement among young Indian women. It is estimated that low consumption of iron (median: 13.7 mg/day per person) among women in India aged ≥18 years and 51–83% of pregnant women in India are deprived of the RDA of iron. Even though the body’s homeostatic mechanisms conserve iron efficiently, ID still persist, especially when intake fails to meet physiologic needs or when stores become depleted

Prevention and management of IDA demands adequate iron intake and provision of bio available iron.  Improving ascorbic acid intake through the consumption of ascorbic acid rich foods in the diet could be a culturally relevant and practical approach. Additionally, increased accessibility, availability and affordability to diverse foods along with education and knowledge regarding iron absorption enhancers and inhibitors are recommended.

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Scenario and strategies to fight Iron deficiency anemia